How to Play

The Postal Game is a fun family board game where each player has the goal to deliver   mail by landing on 8 dots marked in your territory.   For exciting game play, Darren and the Domain players can get bonuses on the 4 bonus squares in each corner within
your assigned route. 

Darren and Domain Players (Darren, Tom, and Earl) achieve the bonuses when he lands on the squares without splitting the die.

Extra Player- Sandra helps Darren by allowing you to split the die and land more effectively on the dots inside of your route.  If you land on an Extra Player again after having Sandra then you also receive Lisa.

Jack Pot – In the middle of the board.  When the domain player lands on the Jack Pot you collect all the money and get points as well.  Points double as players win the
Jack Pot.

Start Square- $100 goes towards your Mail Station.

The board is divided in 4 quadrants, one for each of the 4 players

Each player has a different color: Navy, Blue, Red, and Silver.

The Postal Game is split into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Build your mailboxes and buy a postal office
  • Phase 2: Take a tour with Tom White to collect your Mail Station Money
  • Phase 3: Tour in at least two areas with your Mail Vehicle

In the first phase players will be trying to land on eight different mail box spaces and trying to collect at least $400 dollars.  Every time a player lands on a mailbox, $20 dollars goes into the middle of the game board and $20 dollars goes to the player. You can have up to 3 characters that you can acquire or doing an exact roll to the right box or buying it.  After you collected the eight mail boxes and you have $400.00, you get rewarded with a Mail Station in the middle of your territory.  Phase 2 begins.

In phase 2 you have the option to tour with Tom White, however all players are removed from the board therefore, it is a good idea to save at least $240.00 to purchase an extra player (Darren Williams) however if you already purchased an extra player then the cost is $500.00. Also in phase 2 you can have up to 3 characters and you have two goals: the first one is to do a complete tour with Tom White and the second is to have enough money $1,000 to acquire Earl Dotson and $500 to acquire the Mail Vehicle. Earl Dotson comes out when you have $1,000 and a tour with Tom White has been completed.   When you collect an additional $500.00 then you automatically receive the Mail Vehicle that Earl Dotson drives.  

When you buy the Mail Vehicle all your characters will disappear and a mail truck is placed where Earl Dotson left off.  If you are Navy and Earl goes a past the Start Square in a 2 player game the Mail Vehicle is placed on the Start Square.  With the Mail Vehicle now have 2 dice and not 1 as before. You can decide to do a grand tour (a tour around the entire game board) and collect opponent’s station money and 5,000 bonus points or a normal tour which covers 2 areas.
If the Mail Vehicle lands on the Start Square of an opponent’s territory while a player is on that square then the Mail Vehicle goes back to their Start Square.

The first player to complete the tour with their Mail Vehicle wins.