First of all you need to register. Click on Play to the version you prefer to play with, then create your account (or you can use Facebook to login) and then you will be logged in the lobby room and see all the other players and start a match
No, at all. The game is completely free!
Yes for sure. The Postal game is available in Facebook, Apple iOS (Iphone and Ipad), Google Android, Web browser and downloadable client. A note for Chrome Browser Users. Unfortunately who is using Chrome cannot play using the Browser therefore they can play download the client.
You can play easily clicking on Play in the lobby room. You can play a single player game (with 1 or 2 or 3 bots), you can challenge up to 3 of your friends or you can play a Random game, where the server will find 3 opponents for you!

Each player in the lobby has a different color of his sign. Here it is the explanation:

  • Black: unreliable
  • White: new player
  • Blue: he played at least 10 games
  • Red: he won at least 10 games
  • Purple: he won a week ranking
  • Yellow: he is the leader of this week
  • Green: he is among the first 10 in the historical ranking
  • Gold: he is the first in the Historical ranking


We think that is not respectful to quit a game while it is not ended. For this reason we created a system able to track how often a player quits a game. If a player does it too often, his color becomes black. The system is unable to recognize a player that voluntarily quits and one that disconnects for connections issues. Our customer care will never provide any information about our system. The only thing you need to know is that if you are black, you need to complete some games in order to go back to your original color.

Playing matches you can earn points if you win but also if you lose. Points are earned in two different ways: doing something in the game (like be the first to complete phase 1 or win the jackpot and so on) and gaining money. At the end of the game if you are game winner all the points you gained in the game are accumulated in your ranking. And the weekly winner of the ranking can even participate to the prize wheel.

If you need support please contact our customer care.